A New Chance At Life

Roger still felt bad about hiring an escort however, his dear wife Linda insisted upon it. She’d been in the hospital for six months by that point. Linda had always been a high achiever. She was desperate to be the perfect wife, the perfect employee, and the perfect daughter. Her illness meant that she was now stripped of all of that. She felt that being a perfect wife in this situation meant that she should make sure that her husband’s needs were met in every way. She called an escort/adult agency to get an escort for her husband.

Roger was shocked that this was happening at first. He never thought of himself as the sort of person who would go through with hiring an escort. While he had no moral issues with it, it just didn’t seem like the sort of thing that he would do, and he had never done it before. He also was worried that Linda would think that he was abandoning her. He didn’t want to be the sort of man who would turn away from his wife in her last hours. Linda assured him that she did not consider this to be a form of abandonment. She thought that she was just caring for him the way he was caring for her at this point. She also didn’t want to have to worry about this issue during this point of her life.

Linda had hired the escort herself, so Roger didn’t know what to expect. Really, he wasn’t in the mood for any of this in the first place, given what was going on in his life. He was so full of anxiety he was worried that the night would be a disaster. However, all of that changed the moment that he saw Evangeline. She was such an unbelievably gorgeous woman that he could forget about everything else. Tall, not too slender, flaming red hair and emerald green eyes, she was just gorgeous. Roger turned to make them both a drink and when he turned around she had removed her dress; standing there was a . She slowly moved towards him, her eyes never leaving his as she took both drinks, set them aside. She pressed her body tightly against him while wrapping her arms around his neck, burying her hands in his hair and raping his mouth with her tongue. In her powerful but pleasurable embrace, it was like entering another world where all the usual problems of life were gone. He was instantly rock hard, and she moved her hand to his pants, rubbing the front slowly and driving him crazy with desire. The two of them peaked together and climaxed in ecstasy, giving him a taste of what had been missing for so long.

Evangeline stayed the night, so he could hold onto that feeling for eight hours. He knew that it would not last. However, at least getting a break from all of it made a difference.

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